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SIT (Study in Taiwan)  graduated foreign students

SIT(Study in Taiwan)人才資料庫計畫為鼓勵及輔導外籍畢(結)業生在臺發展,本計畫辦公室定期發布英文電子報,提供最新就業機會及相關訊息;與經濟Contact Taiwan合作定期舉辦就業媒合會,協助外籍人才職涯發展更加順利
SIT (Study in Taiwan) Database regularly publishes English e-newsletters, which provides the latest job vacancies and related information to encourage graduated foreign students to establish and develop their careers in Taiwan. Furthermore, the SIT Database collaborates with the “Contact Taiwan” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to provide regular one-on-one employment meetings to expand your career opportunities.

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