外僑居留證 Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

*Immigration Department online application for residence permit system

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*CIE ARC Online Application System User Manual 

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中文版(Chinese Version)
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*Immigration Department U
ser Manual

1.中文版(Chinese Version)
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2.英文版(English Version
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***依規定持居留簽證(resident visa)入境 15 天內應向移民署申辦外僑居留證。
***You should apply for a residence permit from the National  Immigration Agency within 15 days, if you enter with a resident visa.

***The National Immigration Agency has many service centers in the county and city, and the students of our school must go to the Changhua County Service Center.

櫃檯受理服務時間:星期一至五 08:00-17:00 中午不休息
Counter Service Hours:  Monday to Friday,  08:00 - 17:00 (No lunch break at noon)

1F., No.2, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd., Changhua City, , Taiwan (R.O.C.)

​For more related information, please check from your local service center.



Application materials and fees
Immigration Department online application for residence permit system/ Application form
2. Original pasport and one copy of it
3. Original residence permit and a piece of its photocopy
4. 1 piece of two-inch photo
5. Student ID card or one copy of the original and photocopy of the Study Certificate (after registration, the receipt of the payment will be sent to the registration division on the 1st floor of Zhongzheng Building to apply for the student registration stamp)
6. Fees: NT$1,000 for foreign students, NT$500 for overseas Chinese students
* The old students apply for extension must submit their Alien Residence Permit*
( Entrusting others to act on behalf of the applicant, one should fill out the entrustment statement on the application form or attach a copy of the power of attorney.)



  • 逾期 1-10天:處新臺幣2,000元罰鍰。
  • 逾期11-30天:處新臺幣4,000元罰鍰。
  • 逾期31-60天:處新臺幣6,000元罰鍰。
  • 逾期61-90天:處新臺幣8,000元罰鍰。
  • 逾期91以上:處新臺幣10,000元罰鍰。
Overdue stay and Penalty regulations
Those who have been overdue stay for 29 days. If the 29th day is Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, or other rest days, one shall apply for re-application on the next day of work, and their fines shall be collected for the 29 dyas.
On the 30th day of overdue stay, although you are still in school, after paying the fine, you need to leave Taiwan within 7 days and apply for a residence visa to come to Taiwan again

* Overdue 1-10 days: A fine of NT$2,000 is imposed.
* Overdue for 11-30 days: A fine of NT$4,000 imposed.
Overdue 31-60 days: A fine of NT$6,000 imposed.
Overdue for 61-90 days: A fine of NT$8,000 imposed.
Overdue above 91: A fine of NT$10,000 is imposed.


  1. 未於居留期限內辦理延期者,主管機關得廢止當事人居留資格,並限令出國。
  2. 在學學生應於到期日前一個月內提出申請。
  3. 若居留效期屆滿日於寒暑假期間內,同時有出國必要者,可提前於出境前21日辦理延期。
  4. 已畢業欲留臺覓職者:應檢附畢業證書申請延期,其居留效期統一以畢業當月加計6個月為延期居留期限;如屬延畢者,應檢附相關證明文件,依實際就學情形酌予核發6個月至1年效期之外僑居留證。
           一、 可延期兩次,(每半年一次,共一年)





  • 第一次違規者,處新臺幣2000元罰鍰。
  • 第二次違規者,處新臺幣5000元罰鍰。
  • 第三次違規者,處新臺幣10000元罰鍰。

             1.留才攬才 內政部修法僑外生畢業後可延長留臺


               Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens

Important reminder
1 . If the extension is not processed within the period of stay, the competent authority may revoke the person’s residence qualification and restrict the person to leave the country.
2 . Students in school should apply within one month before the due date.
3 . If the expiration date of the residence permit is during the winter and summer vacations, and those who need to go abroad at the same time, they can apply for an extension 21 days before leaving the country.
4 . Those who have graduated and want to stay in Taiwan to find a job: they should submit their graduation certificate to apply for extension, and the period of stay is uniformly based on the month of graduation plus 6 months as the extended period of stay; if they are postponed, they should attach relevant supporting documents and go to school according to actual conditions. Circumstances may issue an alien residence permit valid for 6 months to 1 year.
     一. It can be postponed twice, (once every six months for a total of one year)
            a. Extension for the first time (half a year)
            b. Extension for the second time (half a year)
           *If you have not found a job twice, the two extensions will end and you cannot apply for extensions.
     二. Go to the immigration office in person.
              Preparing Files:
              a. Graduation certificate
              b. Extension instructions (students fill in by themselves)
              c. Passport
              d. Residence permit
              e. A two-inch portrait photo
              f. The extension of the residence permit fee is NT$1,000.
5. If you plan to leave the country during your studies, you must confirm that the alien residence permit is still valid when you return to Taiwan. If necessary, please go to the Service Station of the Immigration Department to apply for the extension of the alien residence permit.
6. Those who apply to leave school (leave, withdraw from school, graduate) and hold a residence permit for the purpose of attending school, the residence permit will become invalid after completing the procedures for leaving school. Please go to the immigration office of the place of residence to return the alien residence permit and leave the country within the time specified by the immigration office. When you want to return to Taiwan after the suspension of school, you must apply for a visa again.
7. Data change (free of charge): change of residential address in Taiwan, change of school in Taiwan
      ※If you change your residence address, you should apply for change registration within 15 days. Violators will be punished based on the number of violations.
      ※Failing to change the residence address within the time limit, the fines imposed by the school are as follows:
                     Those who violate the rules for the first time will be fined NT$2,000.
                     Those who violate the rules for the second time will be fined NT$5,000.
                     Those who violate the rules for the third time will be fined NT$10,000.

 *relevant information:
             1. Remaining talents and recruiting talents The Ministry of the Interior can extend their stay in Taiwan after graduation
               Foreigners' stay and permanent residence methods
               Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens